Monday, October 19, 2009

RE: Engler on Klein

I think for one that Professor Tanenbaum meant to write that it was Engler who wrote

"“Bremer was sent to Iraq to build a corporate utopia,” Klein writes; “instead, Iraq became a ghoulish dystopia where going to a simple business meeting could get you lynched, burned alive or beheaded.” I'm not positive but i think that's what she meant .

I belive Engler is saying that a limit to Klein argument would be that the major corporations that were greedy for ways to profit from the war were not getting the profits they thought they would.

"The oil companies are not alone in finding profits to be more elusive than antcipated. The fiasco in Iraq has limited the profiteering ventures of of even those compaines that embraced the war and sought to benefit from it"

I believe he is saying that the war was fought for reasons that were essentially neoconservative.

Their attempts for geopolitical power were largely unsucessful, many nations in the world frown on the decision to invade Iraq. Our current President was against the invasion and it is a mess that is being cleaned up by the current administration.
edit- i felt like both Engler and Kein think that whatever the reason for the war, it was an unsuccesful venture whether for neoconservatives or for war profiteers. Meaining that i think that they both believe the war was a mistake and failure for the U.S., though i do think Klein would be more inclined to argue that it proved a success for businesses like Halliburton that profited.


  1. You're correct that the quotation is from Engler discussion Klein's book.

    So, what are the neoconservative reasons for the war? Do you think they were more or less successful than the profit ones Klein describes?

  2. I wasn't able to leave a comment on your very interesting Farmingville post, so I'm leaving it here: why do you think hate crimes against Latinos might be increasing right now?

  3. Very interesting points in the Farmingville post, I totally agree with you, I think that local white people have the right to protest against immigrants, being in the streets; Which makes the neighborhood look bad and dangerous. I also agree with you that the best solution will be to create worksites, this will prevent the workers from being in the corners.

    Keep it up, with really interesting posts ;)

  4. Well, there's a difference between having the *right* to protest and the protest being well-founded. How much evidence was there really that the immigrants were creating real problems, and how much was there something else going on in people's minds?