Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Interesting Update

while i have the time to , i wanted to post about this month's issue of Latina magazine. As you might remember my first post was about farmingville and hate crimes and i noted that this magazine had an article about latino hate crimes in september.
Well there latest issue arrived last week in the mail and i was a bit taken aback , wondered if maybe it was May or a mexican holiday that i forgot. But no, they had indeed decided to dedicate an entire issue as to why Mexico, mexicans and our culture is amazing and what it has done for the world and other latin american countries (!!). They did this because they felt Mexico has been getting such bad press in the media lately.
Pretty awesome issue Latina magazine.

it includes articles on our amazing food and by far my favorite an article on the Must See Films of Mexican cinema. Which is thrilling for an avid foreign film junkie like myself. They included tons of my all time favorite like Amorres Perros, Rudo y Cursi and La Ley De Los Herodes.

another of my favorite articles in the issue wsa about the music label fonovisa which regurlarly signs traditional Mexican musicians like , los Tigres Del Norte. I actaully don't like this type of music but they have been known to write full albums aboyut illegal immigrants which lyrics would bring any Mexican to tears.

i'll try and post pictures of the cover and links to certain films later on this week