Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st paragraph

I'm not fully done with my first paragraph at all .. right now i'm finishing up making the connections between all my sources... this is just a process i do to get the essay right. I know it's not really following the way the class has been asked to do it but it feels easier this way to me ..

anyway here is what my 1st paragraph would look like or rather the story it would be telling.

start by describing a diminished Salvador Allende ... democratically voted socialist President of Chile in 1970. I might begin to describe his suicide which took place during the attack on the Presidential Palace in Santiago (the capital of Chile). Allende gave one last speech on the radio to his supporters and chilean citizens alike right before he committed suicide. He was surrounded with soldiers form the Chilean Army led by General Pinochet and sponsored by the U.S. government when he shot himself with an AK 47 rifle .

I also think that i might quote some things he said in his
Last Speech. which i found very moving .
Personally i think this is a good first paragraph or introduction because it's a very dramatic introduction to the coup and Salvador Allende which will be a bigger point of focus in my research paper.
I have not begun to write it because i usually don't begin by writing the first parts though i had this in mind all along.
edit- actually Allende was not diminished at all .. I think i will right that he is still confident in the future of Chile and then the second paragraph will introduce the relationship between him, chile and the U.S. that led to the coup and then my thesis paragraph.


  1. Great start, Nadia - and definitely use the method that works for you! I think this will be a great way to bring your reader into your topic.

  2. Alot of explaining "why not" maybe you could of just write some stuff instead if you know what I mean. I play alot of shooter games and I think killing yourself with AK-47 is difficult and scary. D: