Thursday, November 5, 2009


I think that i have always had a general interest in Chile so wheni saw an opportunity to use it as the country i would research i was happy. Since Chile has always been of interest to me i think it would probably make for a better and more interesting essay not only for me to research but probably it will turn out much better than if i did a country i wasn't too interested in.

The only connection i knew before reading anything in the course book was that the U.S. had been involved in a coup that took Salvador Allende out of office (president). Chile also turned up in Engler ( How To Rule The World) and Klein (The Shock Doctrine).

I think the coup that occured in Chile is definitely supportive of the thesis " the U.S. is an imperial power", and i am also certain that i will find other things that support this thesis in my research. I want to know why the U.S. took interest in Chile and why the were involved in the coup. i want to know more about both Allende and Pinochet. I'm also interested in finding out more about the curent Chile/U.S. relations.


  1. I like how happy you are about your topic/thesis. Im thinking of writing my essay on Brazil's new president and how he's planning on changing the IMF, U.N., and the definition of globalization. But like, i see people doing essays on baseball and music and using that as a platform to talk about gloablization in their country and the U.S. and it seems like they would have more fun with that. I want to find something fun to write my Brazil paper on.

  2. when i was searching, most opf the articles were on the Brazilian president and AIDS..and none of them are fascinating. Im only planning on using the Brazilian president because a lot of his ideas and visons tie with what we've discussed in the cluster.

  3. I think I mentioned this, but Klein has a chapter in the Shock Doctrine about the motives for supporting the coup against Allende and the role of free market ideology in this. I believe there's a copy in the library if you're interested or I can loan you my copy.

    Also, think about how what's going on now fits into the overall trend in Latin America that Engler's describing.